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Different Ways of Controlling Pregnancy Weight Gain

eio98urg43g45g45yh54Weight gain during pregnancy is natural and healthy due to the growing fetus and change in body metabolism. However, some women tend to put on more weight during pregnancy which poses a health risk and increases the likelihood of experiencing different pregnancy complications. Babies born from obese women face a risk of contracting heart-related complications. Sticking to the recommended body mass gain during pregnancy will help you avoid complications and have a normal delivery. We are going to look at different ways of controlling pregnancy weight gain in this article.

Healthy eating habits in controlling pregnancy weight gain

Correct food choice will help to ensure that you observe recommended body mass gain. This will also ensure that you nourish your body and that of the unborn baby with necessary and healthy nutrients for life sustenance. The food you choose should contain enough proteins, carbohydrates, mineral components and vitamins while maintaining calories level low. Planning your meal ahead preferably every week and seeking nutritionist advice will help you select correct diet. Some of the healthy foods that you can rely on include lean proteins, whole grain, vegetables and a range of fruits. Avoid sweetened foods, junk snacks, and unhealthy fats. Observe proper cooking methods like using low fat, prevent excess sugar, choose low-fat milk and eat fiber rich food.

Stay active

iueiyr4gfut8734g54Moderate exercise as advised by your doctor will help put your weight gain in control. Exercises will also help burn excess calories that you have gained in the process. It is important to consult with your doctor to find out which exercise are the best suited for you. The choice of exercise will depend on your previous exercising history. Moderate exercise will also help avoid back pains, encourage good sleep, improved mood and energy build up. Regularly recommended exercises include walking, swimming, aerobics and some home routines. Avoid extreme exercises and sporting activities as it will pose a health risk to you and unborn baby.

Observe your recommended weight gain during pregnancy

It is normal and natural to add some weight during pregnancy. This is majorly due growing fetus and body adaptation due to the new condition. Understanding your body and the expected weight gain will help you monitor your daily activities. Consult your doctor on safe target that you should not underscore or overscore at different stages of the trimester. Additional body heaviness is expected if you are pregnant with twins or multiples. This will also depend on your previous body mass before pregnancy and basal metabolic rate.