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SoftBums - Limited Edition and Prints
Part Number 65-2
SoftBums  - Limited Edition and Prints
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  • Shell Made in the USA
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    SoftBums Echo Features:

    • SoftBums Patent Pending SlideSize is the ONLY variable adjustment of it's kind
    • Fits all legs widths from 4" - 14" for NO red marks EVER. 
    • Choose your own Pods for a customized diapering system!
    • SoftBums Echo looks smaller than leading brands, because it's Ultra Trim
    • No Leaks, Thanks to SlideSize Technology!
    • SoftBums Echo protects against rash; up to 80% less rash than disposables!
    • Industrial strength velcro closures are long lasting and won't "wear out" like other velcro
    • Reusable Echo shell saves money, space, and resources

    Which Pod should I choose?

    SoftBums DryTouch

    New! Redesigned! DryTouch Pods are absorbent and economical. Use one for daytime and add a Mini Pod for older babies, nights and naps. Made to fit just as easily in an Omni pocket and snapped into an Echo, these Pods contain 4 layers of absorbent microfiber and are topped with creamy soft microfleece. With no need to fold for larger babies, these are our easiest Pods yet.

    SoftBums Super SUPER Pods are the most absorbent Pods for your SoftBums Shell. Great for naps, night-time, and heavy wetters. These Pods contain 3 layers of absorbent microfiber and topped with soft microfleece. When folded you have 6 layers of absorbency, so there's no need to add a Mini Pod. Snap into your Echo or Omni, or turn it around and stuff in your Omni pocket!
    Organic Bamboo Pods are super absorbent and all natural. These amazing Pods are made of 70% Organic Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton and are both super absorbent and super trim. For a great fit without extra bulk and without sacrificing absorbency, these are the best!! Organic Pods are super breathable and provide the most comfortable and rash free diapering experience available! These are especially great stuffed into your Omni Shell because they're so trim there's still room for a Mini or two!

    Nothing fits like a SoftBums with SlideSize, and SoftBums Pods are made to fit perfectly inside a SoftBums Echo Shell, but Pods are even more useful than that. The best kept secret about Pods is that they'll fit in ANY waterproof diaper shell, even a pocket diaper, and turn it into a reusable diapering system.

    Choose your Pod and don't forget to get a couple Mini Pods while you're here!

    SoftBums Super

    DryTouch Mini Pods are composed of 3 layers of absorbent microfiber terry and topped with a super soft layer of microfleece to provide comfort and a dry feel for your baby! Lay them in your Echo Shell or stuff them in your Omni with a Pod to increase absorbency for heavy wetters or overnight use. You can put them on top or beneath the Pod. You can also use them alone with an Echo or Omni Shell for newborns for a super trim fit while still providing comfort and a dry feel along with plenty of absorbency for any newborn!

    Organic Bamboo Mini Pods are composed of 3 layers of absorbent organic bamboo fleece. These Mini Pods are as absorbent as DryTouch Mini Pods, but are only half as bulky for a super trim fit. Not only that, but they're made from a blend of organic bamboo and organic cotton fibers and provide unsurpassed comfort, breathability and protection from rash!

     Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
    Love my SoftBums
      Ah, SoftBums, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love your trim fit. I love being able to reuse the shell by changing the insert, leading to less diaper laundry. I love your amazing toggle system, which has led to a perfect fit from the time my little ones were newborns (under 6 lbs.) until now, when they're toddlers. I love the versatility of the Echo and the Omni. SoftBums were my first cloth diapers, and they've been my most loved for more than two years. They're the ones I recommend to everyone looking for a OS diaper.
      Reviewed by:  Kristin Burr from PA. on 10/14/2012
    This system is the best there is!
      I've used Softbums for 2 kids. I love that they are adjustable to fit newborns & toddlers, but the "extra" is distributed around when it's small rather than all bunched up in front like most OS dipes. The legs are adjustable, so you get a good fit on skinny or chunky babies. AI2 means I can re-use the covers several times & just replace the insert. I've never had a blow out. These are not the cheapest diapers, but they have been worth it.
      Reviewed by:  Jessica Stucki from Idaho. on 1/24/2012
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